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KitaRekrut Headhunting Service

Job Description Drafting

Crafted informatively to attract potential candidates.

Interview Scheduling

Coordinate and set up interviews between you and your star talent.

Candidate Sourcing & Curation

AI matching technology assists in expediting the process.

Negotiation for Offers

Conducted fairly to identify win-win arrangements between both parties.

Screening & Test

Holistic screening and testing process to identify excellent talents.

Background Check

To ensure the excellence and quality of your future team members.

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Brought to you by #1 community-oriented jobs platform in Indonesia, accelerating your recruitment process will be our priority.

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Selection & Interview

Potential candidates undergo meticulous screening and in-depth interviews by the KitaRekrut team, ensuring the best fit for your team.

Offering & Background Check

Negotiate a win-win arrangement and conduct background checks on the candidate.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You will receive an invoice. As a commitment, a 90-day guarantee will be provided for the recruited employee.

Any Further Questions?

We've compiled answers to frequently asked questions. If there's still something unanswered, feel free to schedule a free consultation with us.

01. What is KitaRekrut?

KitaRekrut is an Indonesian headhunting service, part of KitaLulus. We assist companies in hiring top-tier talents for positions ranging from mid to executive levels.

02. How does headhunting from KitaRekrut work, and what makes it different from traditional recruitment?

KitaRekrut's headhunting works by taking a proactive approach to recruit the best talents. This involves identifying and targeting specific individuals with the desired skills and qualifications. It differs from traditional recruitment, which typically involves posting job openings and waiting for candidates to apply.

03. How can I determine if KitaRekrut's headhunting service is the right solution for my recruitment needs?

Specialized Roles (e.g. Specialist, Senior)
When your recruitment team is struggling to fill specialized or niche positions that require a unique skill set, and traditional recruitment methods have not yielded suitable candidates, KitaRekrut would be delighted to help you fulfill these positions.

Confidential Positions (e.g. Manager, Head, & C-Level)
In situations where your company is looking to fill a high-level executive or confidential position, using KitaRerut headhunting service can provide a more discreet, targeted, and proactive approach, maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

04. What positions can be fulfilled by KitaRekrut?

KitaRekrut assists companies in filling various positions. Broadly, we divide them into two categories: Tech or IT positions, such as
- Chief Technology Officer,
- Engineering Manager,
- Quality Assurance Lead,
- Consulting Data Solution Lead,
- Fullstack Developer,
- Product Manager, and many more.

Meanwhile, we also help in finding suitable candidates for for Non-Tech positions like
- Head of Business Development,
- Chief Marketing Officer,
- Branch Manager,
- Finance and Tax Manager,
- Digital Marketing Lead, and other

05. How can I use KitaRekrut services?

You may schedule a free consultation meeting by filling the form below to discuss your current recruitment needs. The KitaRekrut team will assist in the candidate search process promptly.

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